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Beyond container shipping and transport solutions, have you heard about our full range of logistics services based here in Bali? Whatever your needs, we tap into our in-depth knowledge and network to create tailored, effective solutions. Convenient pricing and transparent tracking resources put added control at your fingertips.


Backed by peerless customer service, Bayus Cargo Bali manages all aspects of the worldwide physical movement of your goods and seamlessly handles all documentation. But before any goods are delivered, our priority is to provide you with peace of mind so you can focus on what matters most: building your business.

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From Bali to the World. Bayus Cargo can safely deliver your furniture, and other possessions, from your current residence to your new house, villa or apartment. Utilising the perfect vehicle to safely transport your precious things, our experienced professionals are available to do the heavy lifting, across the map. Ready to start a brand-new chapter?


Presenting your business at an exhibition? We’re here to help you carry your goods or handicrafts from the factory floor or gallery wall all the way to your event centre stand. Our experienced team have the right vehicle for your goods, ensuring safe handling and – fingers crossed – a successful exhibition.

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House Moving Assistance
Exhibition Assistance
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