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Updated: Feb 9

Monday, 9 October 2023

Inacraft, short for the "Indonesia International Handicraft Trade Fair," has been a cornerstone of Indonesia's cultural and economic landscape for over two decades. This annual event draws visitors and exhibitors from around the world, all eager to explore the wealth of Indonesian craftsmanship. This year, Inacraft takes place from the 4th to the 8th of October at Jakarta Convention Centre, participated by over 700 crafters. From intricate batik textiles to finely carved woodwork and traditional jewelry, Inacraft is a treasure trove of artistic expression.

The event not only serves as a marketplace for artisans but also as a platform for cultural exchange. It fosters a sense of pride and appreciation for Indonesia's rich cultural heritage, helping to preserve and promote traditional crafts for generations to come. Inacraft is a testament to the country's commitment to sustaining its unique artisanal traditions.

While Inacraft serves as a hub for artists and buyers, one crucial aspect of this event is often overlooked - the logistics of getting these delicate and valuable creations safely from the artisans' workshops to the exhibition floor. This is where Bayus Cargo comes into play.

Bayus Cargo is a trusted and reliable cargo and shipping service provider in Indonesia. With years of experience in handling fragile and valuable cargo, they have become an indispensable partner for artisans participating in Inacraft.

1. Customized Packaging: Bayus Cargo understands that each craftwork is unique and demands specialized packaging to ensure its safe transit. They work closely with artisans to design custom packaging solutions that provide maximum protection while minimizing the environmental footprint.

2. Timely Delivery: Inacraft has strict schedules, and punctuality is crucial. Bayus Cargo's efficient logistics network ensures that the crafts arrive at the exhibition venue on time, ready to be displayed to a global audience.

3. Regional Coverage: For artisans looking to showcase their crafts within different regions of Indonesia or expand their reach to specific areas, Bayus Cargo offers reliable regional coverage services.

4. Secure Handling: Bayus Cargo employs highly trained staff who understand the delicate nature of many of the items being shipped. Their careful handling minimizes the risk of damage during transportation.

Inacraft 2023 promises to be yet another spectacular showcase of Indonesian craftsmanship. It brings together artisans, buyers, and admirers from around the nation to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia. Behind the scenes, Bayus Cargo play a vital role in ensuring that these beautiful creations reach their destination safely and on time. Their commitment to providing efficient shipping solutions allows the world to continue to marvel at the wonders of Indonesian craftsmanship, both at Inacraft and beyond.



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