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Updated: Feb 9

Denpasar, 25 February 2023. Over the weekend, our CEO was invited to share about digital marketing and branding. Although we are a logistics company, back in 2018 after our rebranding, Bayus Cargo was awarded as the Marketing Champion in the logistics industry by Hermawan Kartajaya through its annual event, Marketeers Festival. Brand or creative management is just as important as operational management and we had epistulacommunications assisted us to excel in the marketing and branding of the company. 

The session last weekend took place in Denpasar, shared the importance of branding to the young generation and future entrepreneurs. To show how important it is in the current era to be aware about your brand and its personality, whatever the business is.

“This is a fantastic moment for me and for these young generations. To be able to share with them the knowledge, experience and challenges we have at Bayus Cargo in the marketing field, is an important moment for future entrepreneurs to know in advance the challenges they may soon face. I hope to visit more seminars alike and share our 24 years of experience, to grow knowledge, talents and eventually the future of your younger generation”, said A. A. Bayu Joni Saputra after the session.

As a Marketing Champion in the logistics and forwarding sector, we have managed to see the challenges, what has not been done in the industry and see the opportunities to brand a cargo company like never before seen in the industry - young, simple and stressfree.



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