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Export and import have significantly decreased the last two years due to the global pandemic effect. Entering 2023, Bayus Cargo Bali sees a good trend moving forward as businesses are now running back to speed just like the days before the outbreak – or even better. From shipping overseas to all sorts of logistic requirement here in Bali, this is how we see the current and expected logistic trend of 2023 :

1. Growing demand for tourism :

Bali's growing popularity as a tourist destination is expected to increase demand for shipping and logistic services as more goods and handicrafts are exposed to travelers. This allows growth in interest to export the goods back home to their country either for personal collection or business purposed. This activity has severely dropped down in numbers during pandemic and is expected to grow exponentially in the coming year as the economic is crawling back to speed, in fact – export interest from Bali is seen running better than the days before the covid era.

2. Expansion of port facilities :

The Indonesian government is investing in expanding and upgrading port facilities in Bali to accommodate the growing demand for shipping services and improve the efficiency of cargo operations. Seeing the export numbers grow in Bali the past decade, there has been serious discussion about the development of logistic infrastructure in Bali. This supports exports from Bali as well as cargo companies in Bali the ease to connect faster to the global network, not-mentioning cost effective.

3. Adoption of digital technologies :

Shipping companies operating in Bali are expected to adopt digital technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience. From tools being used at the warehouse to the global evolution of technology, we all hope to see easier connections between countries that allows an advantage for customers as cost may be reduced significantly.

4. Increased competition and advantages :

As more shipping companies enter the market, competition is likely to intensify, leading to lower prices and improved services for customers. At Bayus Cargo, our 24 years of experience allows us to have endless advantages in the logistic field, from our global network to our relation with almost all suppliers and artshops in Bali, we are here to provide not only solutions but getting it all in the right time and manner to you.

These are some of the current and expected logistic trends in Bali this year, but the situation can change rapidly due to economic and political developments. It's important to monitor the situation closely to stay informed of the latest trends and developments in the shipping industry in the region. Feel free to always stay in touch with our cargo consultants as we offer free consultancy to provide you with information, assistance and cargo services to support your needs. Shipping from Bali will never be easier.

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